BG InPatient Service

BG In-patient Services

With “we care” as our motto, BGHRC is different than other hospitals in the locality because of the followings:

  • In-patient services without visitors
  • It is the only hospital in Western Region dedicated to Geriatric, Psychiatric and Neuro patients.
  • We have strict rules and regulations: - like in-patient visiting hours, visitors limit (not > 2 at a time).
  • We have “one door system” for payment. No need to run from “counter-to-counter” for payments.
  • Separate waiting rooms for visitors/attendants with common TV.
  • Hygienic food packages for in-patients.
  • Our treatment is not limited to biological therapies but also includes psychological and behavioral therapies like Yoga, vocational trainings like painting, knitting, tailoring, carpentry etc. and other recreational activities like carom board, chess, Bagh-Chal (Nepali: बाघ चाल), puzzles etc. for in-patients.
  • We give individual and group psycho education, insight-oriented psychotherapy to each patient and their families.
  • Interest and aptitude of each patient is identified, they are facilitated to make future plans by filling worksheets.
  • Families are educated to integrate the patients in the family and the society. 
  • Daily nursing care to each admitted patient with pedicure, manicure, body wash etc. (use checklist)
  • All admitted patient will have comfortable outfits/dress preferably loose fitting cotton dress like shirts and pajamas. Other personal cloths except the underwear’s should be avoided at the bedside.
  • Patients are not allowed to keep any valuables like- mobile, watch, ornaments or money in the ward. They must be handed over to the attendants/relatives at the time of admission.
  • We provide 24/7 hot and cold drinking water to the patient and hygienic foods.

For information dial 24/7 Notice board no: 1618-061-538975

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